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Our Planet EarthStocknectar’s Seven Steps For Financial Survival.

  1. 20% to 50% of each paycheck must go directly to a savings account.
  2. Invest your savings. If you do not invest, you will lose half to inflation.
  3. Invest safely, per steps 4-7. Otherwise, you could lose half in a crash.
  4. Avoid “quasi-safe” investments. (Annuities, CD’s, corporate bonds, etc.)
  5. Primarily use “index investing” with broad-based equity ETF mutual funds.
  6. Always maintain emergency Stop orders costing no more than $5 per trade.
  7. Always keep 1/4 savings in short-term US Treasury TIPS. (STPZ, VTIP, etc.)

sn-how-to-be-richFinancial Survival Tutorial.

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