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This page acknowledges the free or highly affordable resources which have helped in the construction of the Planetary Investing website.

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Cheap & Free Webdesign Help & Software.

  • GetPaint.NET free image editor. Free but well worth a $5 Paypal donation every time you update. The image editor Paint.NET is comparable to Photoshop (not to be confused with Windows Paint). Famously features a “magic wand” tool with adjustable sensitivity. This can help to remove background for creating transparent .gifs. Caution: avoid the large, brightly colored download buttons which are not clearly labeled and which require you to install unnecessary browser add-ons. Nonetheless be assured that Paint.Net is a fantastic program.
  • HTML Kit free text & webdesign editor. Although this is a paid program, the second-newest version is free, and well worth a $5 donation. Even if you do not do webdesign, there is no better program for producing no-nonsense unformatted text files. If you take a bit of extra time, you can also create your own hotkeys for repeated tasks. If you do any webdesign, there is built-in drag-and-drop FTP, WYSIWYG preview, everything. Best of all, the paid license is only $59, so you never need to learn a different program. (Their website also features some useful “toys” including a free online favicon maker.)
  • Kompozer free WYSIWYG webdesign software. WYSIWYG means “What You See is What You Get.” This is essentially a free alternative to Dreamweaver, like a Microsoft Word for creating websites. Our only complaint is that the code tends to be rewritten during the FTP upload process. So just don’t use the built-in FTP. It is an excellent website editor for people who know nothing about webdesign, as well as for the experienced amateur. $5 donation suggested.
  • Batch FTP free trial FTP client software program. $19.95 after free tiral. Yes there are totally free FTPs and built-in FTPs with other programs. And BatchFTP is a little bit quirky. But there is a free trial and it is actually perfection once you learn your way around. The big difference is that with BatchFTP, you do not need to click your way around all the different levels. Whether uploading or downloading one page or an entire website, from one level or a dozen levels, BatchFTP can remember it all in whatever custom “batches” you wish to “save.” One of these batches can be your most-edited files from different levels. Oh and what about uploading those .JPG images? You need a good FTP and BatchFTP is more than good, it’s the best. Here are a few notes from the first uploading of PlanetaryInvesting.Org.

BatchFTP -> File -> New Connection -> Host URL: / Username: xxxxxxxx / Password: be sure to use the website password, not a database password, not a CMS password -> File Transfer -> Local Computer Directory: click the browse button to select the folder -> Remote Computer Directory: /public_html/ -> Uncheck ‘generate log file’ (they are a nuisance) -> Overwrite Policy: Always -> OK. (Be sure not to select “delete source file.”) -> Using BatchFTP, first delete “index.html” from the ROOT directory (public_html). Then for smooth operation, first FTP the individual ROOT-level files. Then FTP each primary folder separately. Afterward, be sure to examine the “# Skipped” and “# Error.” If any files failed to upload perfectly, then re-upload its entire subfolder… Also… be careful not to upload one folder into another if using the drag-and-drop process…

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